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Subject: Re: XIMSS: Reading a Contacts folder
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 22:36:55 +0400
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Bret Miller wrote:
Bret Miller wrote:
I see a nice function to add items to a Contacts folder,
but there is
no function to read the items?? Or update them??

I understand reading can be done manually (I think) by
reading through
the "messages" in the folder and then using HTTP to retrieve the attached vcard and manually parsing it. It just seems like
more work
than I should have to do when using this kind of API.
There's no need to retrieve vCard parts via HTTP. A <folderRead /> on a contact item will give you the XML representation of the vCard data.

It doesn't here. I'll submit a bug report for this on Monday.

How that items was created then? Do you read it from a Contacts folder that has the proper mailbox class?

Here's what you can expect (note the vCard part):

<folderRead folder="test" UID="1" totalSizeLimit="10000" id="03" />|
<folderMessage folder="test" id="03" UID="1"><EMail><Subject>l, f</Subject><Date localTime="20070913T170935" timeShift="14400">20070913T130935Z</Date><Message-Id>&lt;;</Message-Id><Thread-Topic>l, f</Thread-Topic><Priority>Normal</Priority><Importance>normal</Importance><X-MSMail-Priority>normal</X-MSMail-Priority><Sensitivity>Normal</Sensitivity><X-MAPI-Message-Class>IPM.Contact</X-MAPI-Message-Class><X-MAPI-LastModified>Thu, 13 Sep 2007 17:10:46 +0400</X-MAPI-LastModified><X-Mailer>CommuniGate Pro MAPI Connector 1.2.12/1.2.12(local)</X-Mailer><MIME class="person" estimatedSize="3652" subtype="alternative" type="multipart"><MIME charset="utf-8" estimatedSize="330" partID="01" subtype="x-vcard" type="text" Type-name="l\, f.vcf"><vCard modified="20070913T131046Z"><ADR><HOME /><STREET>street</STREET></ADR><FN><VALUE>l, f</VALUE></FN><LABEL><HOME /><VALUE>street</VALUE></LABEL><N><FAMILY>l</FAMILY><GIVEN>f</GIVEN></N><NOTE><VALUE></VALUE></NOTE><ORG><ORGNAME>o</ORGNAME></ORG><TEL><WORK /><NUMBER>w</NUMBER><VALUE>w</VALUE></TEL><TEL><HOME /><NUMBER>h</NUMBER><VALUE>h</VALUE></TEL><TEL><CELL /><NUMBER>c</NUMBER><VALUE>c</VALUE></TEL><TEL><WORK /><FAX /><NUMBER>f</NUMBER><VALUE>f</VALUE></TEL><TITLE><VALUE>j</VALUE></TITLE><UID><VALUE></VALUE></UID></vCard></MIME><MIME disposition="attachment" Disposition-filename="Winmail.dat" estimatedSize="2199" partID="02" subtype="ms-tnef" type="application" Type-name="Winmail.dat" /></MIME></EMail></folderMessage>
<response id="03"/>

And to update, I can remove the existing item and append a new one.

But I could do those things before via IMAP protocol. XIMSS
seems to
make this more complex, not less.
With XIMSS you can work with a Contact item in a uniform manner - as with an XML object. Plus, you can use the replacesUID flag to automatically remove the old copy of the object.

That's what I was hoping to do.


Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov

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