Mailing List Message #92588
From: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Subject: Re: Difficulty with McAfee updates on OS X (Intel) - Case[R6R20912-623J6]
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 18:30:30 +0400
To: David Haworth <>
 David Haworth on 12.09.2007 12:00 wrote:

When McAfee's updateDatFiles script runs, the following output presents EVERY time:

mail:~ root# cd /private/var/CommuniGate/CGPMcAfee/
mail:/private/var/CommuniGate/CGPMcAfee root# /private/var/CommuniGate/CGPMcAfee/updateDatFiles
CGPMcAfee DAT files update program version 2.0

The current version should be 2.1, please upgrade the plugin.

Local avvDAT version is 5103
Connecting to '' [] via HTTP protocol...
 *** Source: read error: socket read time-out:
mail:/private/var/CommuniGate/CGPMcAfee root#

We are running the latest release of CGP and McAfee plugin. Andy ideas?

You may be behind a firewall which does not allow HTTP outgoing connections from your machine.

Try this from Terminal and see if you're getting any connection errors:
  telnet 80



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