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Subject: Re: unexpected side effects and behaviors
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 05:48:48 +0400
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 Christian B. Ellsworth Capo on 12.09.2007 1:55 wrote:

Christian B. Ellsworth Capo wrote:
I was playing around with the CGS script to copy account from one server to another (i was building a server for a trining and presentation) and I found a couple of unexpected effects.

- IPF.appointment, IPF.notes... etc  folders are treated and copied as email folders. not calendar, tasks notes or anything else.  is this expected on a Move IMAP process? i guess it is... any way to fix that up? after migrated? a way in the admin view to change the folder properties?

The remote subscribed folders are copied as well ( IE: "~office/meeting_room_1st_floor"  is a shared meeting room calendar) and is copied as a message folders.

so if a migrate a 200 user server to another server i'll have 200 copies of the shared folders.

- i guess there is no news in here, and i should've guessed , but i found this particularly unexpected.

any suggestions?


well a fellow admin pointed a very obvious  thing on the command line for the MoveIMAP binary ... --copyMailboxClass  that one copies the class of the mailbox. so now calendar and  other special folders are properly migrated. even the shared folders keep their class and get copied  :(

well, you have to nip/tuck the to add the mentioned option into the migration function... (on line 413)

$command="$migrationProgIMAP --notimeout --copyMailboxClass $ExtServerAddress $name$ExtServerDomain $convPassword $CGProServerAddress $user $convPassword >$nullPath";
and voila'!

When using or MoveIMAPMail it's assumed that you're migrating from non-CommuiGate server which doesn't support mailbox classes. If you're migrating from another CommuniGate then it's easier to copy files directly rather than using MoveIMAPMail and obviously you don't need to mess with the users' passwords using


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