Mailing List Message #92560
From: Jeff Wark <>
Subject: Unauthenticated POP3 connections
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 10:25:00 -0400
To: CGate Mailing List <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.0.13
I was just wondering if anyone else has seen a rise in unauthenticated POP3 connections on their servers.

I was looking at the POP3 access monitor the other day and notices a couple of IP addresses were connected up to 5 times each [on our different front end servers].  5 is the limit we allow from a single IP address.  They were just sitting there, unauthenticated, for up to 9 minutes.

I've only noticed a couple of these customers so far, but I'm wondering if it is a new virus or something.

Jeff Wark
TBayTel Internet
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