Mailing List Message #92555
From: Linda Pahdoco <>
Subject: Re: Spammers bypassing Appliance!
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 08:28:53 -0500
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
Reece Webb wrote:
> Greets,
> We've run into a problem which is only getting worse; spammers are
> bypassing our spam appliance, which sits in front of our CGP server.
> The only MX Record for our domain points to the appliance, so I'm
> guessing that these spammers are not performing MX lookups.
> We have mobile users, so I don't think we can set the Remote Address
> Restrictions on the SMTP Listener to only accept mail from the appliance.
> On the Server Protection page, we have all of our network segments
> listed as LAN IP's, we treat all LAN IP's as Client IP's, and we allow
> mobile users to authenticate and be treated as Client IP's.
> I called Support yesterday and they were helpful, but I still wanted
> to throw this out there... is there any way to only allow SMTP from
> Client IP's? (so this would allow SMTP from all LAN IP's, and any
> mobile users who have authenticated)
> Is there maybe something else I'm not thinking of which might thwart
> these spammers?
> Thanks for any thoughts,
> Reece
Have your mobile users submit on port 587 and only accept port 25 from
your appliance.

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