Mailing List Message #92531
From: Linda Pahdoco <>
Subject: Upgrade issue - License limit exceeded?
Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 08:49:25 -0500
To: <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro WebUser v5.1.8
I upgraded a client yesterday from 5.0.13 to 5.1.12.  We hadn't moved up because of the need to touch all the MAPI connectors, but there have been a few nagging problems we hoped this would solve.  I haven't had a chance to test that yet, because of a much bigger issue.

I start the server, and it runs fine for a little while (10-60 minutes usually).  Then it shuts itself down with the message "SYSTEM License limits exceeded, contact".

Obvoiusly that won't do me much good over the weekend.

They have a 25 user license, and are using 22 seats.

I also have one workstation I can't get to connect.  I upgrade the connector, and it tells me the server version is too old.  I downgrade, it tells me the MAPI connector is too old.  I haven't gone in and manually checked to see if the dll is gone after an uninstall and reboot, so I'm not too worried about this one yet.  The 5 other workstations I did last night went off without a hitch. But if anyone has a thought other than that, I'd appreciate any ideas.

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