Mailing List Message #92483
From: Thom O'Connor <>
Subject: Re: Hiding in Pronto
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 08:38:14 -0700
To: <>
From:   Massimo Bolzoni
> From 5.1.12 of CGP is possible to hide some features of Pronto! interface.
> At a per user need go to User-Domains-domainname-username-settings look to Enebled Services then
> - to hide "IM" deflag "Signal"
> - to hide "MYSTUFF" deflag "WebSite"
> - to hide "VOICE" deflag "PBX"
> If the need is per domain do the same at a domain level.

Yes, these are correct, and can be applied at the Server/Cluster-wide
level, as well as the domain or user level. I will note too - currently,
there are a total of 4 modules that can be hidden:

Module    | Required
in Pronto | "Enabled Service"
Calendar  | WebCal
Voice     | PBX
My Stuff  | Website
IM tab    | Signal

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