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Subject: Re: Email Address Delimiter Support?
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 14:52:22 +0100
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--On 6 September 2007 06:25:09 -0700 David Erickson <> wrote:

Hi I am curious what kind of support there is for Email Address
Delimiters in Communigate Pro?  For example, with Postfix lets say my
address is  If I set the delimiter to be +, then sending
email to will deliver this email to the
account.  Further, lets say I wanted to forward all email to a different
account, except I want ONE delimited address to deliver it locally.  To
set this up with Postfix I create a .forward file containing the address
to forward email to, then I create a .forward+whatever file that is empty
which when matched means deliver locally (because it is empty).  So email
coming in to gets delivered locally, everything else
is forwarded out to the address contained in the .forward file.

Can this be done with Communigate Pro?

Yes, but the terminology you're using is completely wrong for CommuniGate Pro. :)

CommuniGate Pro supports two types of address annotations: account detail (address+something), and direct mailbox addressing (mailboxName#address).

The former will do exactly what you want, but you don't get an option about what the "delimiter" is; it's always a "+". You can then use CommuniGate's rules to file (or forward) the mail any way you want based on what appears after the "+".

The latter allows you to have mail filed directly in a particular IMAP mailbox, with no rules processing; however, most people don't use it much, because it's a bit dangerous with respect to spam and such (unless you use something like CGPSA or another spam scanner that has the ability to intercept and scan mail with direct mailbox addresses).


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