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From: Daniel M. Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: Help with CGPSA/spamassassin on CGP running on Windows Server 2003
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 15:15:52 +0100
To: CommuniGate Pro Mailing List <>
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--On 5 September 2007 06:24:43 -0700 Tim <> wrote:

    I've recently set up CGP (5.1.12) on a Windows 2003 Server.
Everything working perfectly, except that I'm getting stuck with

I installed the Windows spamassassin, with spamd.exe running as a
service, spamc was/is called when needed. I put the CGPSA file in place,
and added it as a helper (after only modifying it slightly for Windows
use). I set up a straight forward rule to it as an externalfilter.

CGPSA as helper runs as: perl "C:/CommuniGate Files/Settings/cgpsa"

Time-out to "never", auto-restart at 10 seconds.

It runs, no time-outs or errors showing in logs at all. My problem is
that if I send an email to my account on CGP, it shows up in the queue
and shows initial entry in the logs, but just sits there for 30 minutes
or longer. If I disable the CGPSA helper, the email releases to my inbox.
I have everything stock in way of rules for spamassassin etc... and
again, no errors or anything obvious showing. DNS is set to the local
server, so it is looking locally for lookups.

Well, the first thing to do is re-read the instructions for CGPSA and notice two things:

1. It doesn't use spamd.
2. It needs to know where your Perl distribution is so it can use SpamAssassin directly.

Once you've got SpamAssassin set up properly on your Windows machine (there's a link on the CGPSA page), and you've told CGPSA where your Perl distribution is, if you find that it's still not working then turn on more detailed logging in CGP, send to me (or to the CGPSA mailing list, but not to here) the log output from the CGPSA helper, and I'll see what I can do.


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