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Correcting, Pronto! version 1.2 on CGate 5.1.12.

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Subject: Re: Testing Pronto! on CGate 5.1.12 some considerations about.

A few suggestions below.

On Mon, 3 Sep 2007 14:19:09 -0500
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Testing Pronto! on CGate 5.1.12

CGate 5.1.2, running in Community Edition mode.
Server: WinXP, Celeron 2Ghz
Client: same host

The subject says 5.1.12 but above is 5.1.2. The 5.1.12 version contains Pronto version 1.2 which is the best version to try today.

I guess Pronto someday will be a very good client, for RAS connection is faster than standard webmail, but...but is still on the fly.

Testing some of the Pronto features.

1. Can not access to Domain Addresses when composing or redirecting a message. Via Webmail or MAPI it is possible.

Already exists!.

2. Is not possible take a look at the Message Source, show HTML Message does as is the message are viewing it via Web client.

First open a message to view the source in Pronto. You may double click the message or click the 2nd mouse button to select Open form the popup menu. The message source icon resembles a document with lines. It will open the source as text in a browser window.
 I confirmed this works by viewing the source of your message in Pronto.

A feature request for a view message source option from the 2nd mouse button click menu has already been received.

Confirm, this choice exist, but have not tool-tip, sometimes Icon only is not enough.

3. Drag an' Drop work fine least on the E-mail folders.

4. Redirect does not show a shortcut access to the Address Book, sometimes is not possible to remember all the contacts addresses.

Redirect in webmail is the same. I personally content with not having the ability to search for an address directly in the redirect feature. Redirect is usually a special case send and I would not want frequent use of this feature encouraged. I would foresee many user type errors or misunderstandings similar to the accidental reply-all errors occasionally seen.

Ok, understand.

5. Messages stored on another folder that not belong to the INBOX folder can not be processed or managed via Mouse-Right-Clic, in this case Standard Flash Player Menu appear, then you need to use the Toolbard shortcuts.

This is not happening for me. Please check the version of Flash Player you have installed or please let us know if you think this happens in one browser and not another.

I agree with you, but test Right-Click over a message stored on Sent Items...for instant.

6. Access-Control-List, (consider the same at the 4 point), should be a good thing one shortcut access to some Domain Address Dialog to select the others on the Domain who have access under your decision.

I no not understand this request. Can you provide a use example?

I wish to Share a Calendar or a E-Folder, or something else, to some users (nor one), Why you need to use your memory or another method to know his e-addresses.
At this point, is impossible to Share an E-Folder, on Webmail interface it is easy.

7. Contacts, there is not any shortcut to add the address (and contact info) from a message who somebody write you and you decide to consider him "A Contact" to the Contacts Folder.

I believe you are referring to a tool like the Take Address feature in webmail. This is a useful tool. I also use this feature in webmail to take addresses into a Block address list that I can use as a data source for a discard rule.

I agree with you, this feature is important not only to create discard rules for unwanted, there is important to add the new Contacts.

8. My Stuff.

  8.1 After upload 3 photos.
      Slide show does not work, the computer hard-disk get on! but
      the client does not show any photo.
  8.2 Buttons panel under the photos like: Rotate, Cut does not work!

  8.3 After upload 3 music files.
      There is not way to select from the list, the
      songs you wish to listen.

  8.4 After upload 1 video (2Mb)
      The preview pane do not show any preview. After clic Play, the
      button become in a Pause button, but not image.

  8.5 There is not way to browse for a folder or a file/document on
      Files Storage.
      At this time consider the possibility to select files and
      attach it's to a message, the attach process will be very fast
      because the files already resides on the server side.

  8.5 There is not place where decide to hide/show My STUFF features.
      Consider Admin decision.

MyStuff is still beta. Thanks for the observations.

There is limited module hiding as announced on this list from this message:

Date: August 29, 2007 3:06:32 PM PDT
Subject: Pronto! ver1.2 change log

Limited module hiding (Calendar, My Stuff, Voice, IM)

I was able to hide the MyStuff for one user on a CommuniGate Pro system by deactivating the WebSite feature for a user.

Users -> Domains -> -> Objects -> username -> Settings -> Enabled Services

Use domain settings if you wish to deactivate for an entire domain.

There are some considerations about Pronto! interface.
Hope it's help in the development,

Thanks for your feedback.

9. Tool-tip for button without text will be useful, more for novice users using this interface.

10. Should be very useful show a Context Menu via Right-Click, and disable default choices on standard Flash menu, like: Zoom In, Zoom Out, Show All, this choices disturb with the standard functioning of the interface.

Thanks for your Attention.

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