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Subject: Testing Pronto! on CGate 5.1.12 some considerations about.
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 14:19:09 -0500
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Testing Pronto! on CGate 5.1.12

CGate 5.1.2, running in Community Edition mode.
Server: WinXP, Celeron 2Ghz
Client: same host

I guess Pronto someday will be a very good client, for RAS connection is faster than standard webmail, but...but is still on the fly.

Testing some of the Pronto features.

1. Can not access to Domain Addresses when composing or redirecting a message. Via Webmail or MAPI it is possible.

2. Is not possible take a look at the Message Source, show HTML Message does as is the message are viewing it via Web client.

3. Drag an' Drop work fine least on the E-mail folders.

4. Redirect does not show a shortcut access to the Address Book, sometimes is not possible to remember all the contacts addresses.

5. Messages stored on another folder that not belong to the INBOX folder can not be processed or managed via Mouse-Right-Clic, in this case Standard Flash Player Menu appear, then you need to use the Toolbard shortcuts.

6. Access-Control-List, (consider the same at the 4 point), should be a good thing one shortcut access to some Domain Address Dialog to select the others on the Domain who have access under your decision.

7. Contacts, there is not any shortcut to add the address (and contact info) from a message who somebody write you and you decide to consider him "A Contact" to the Contacts Folder.

8. My Stuff.

  8.1 After upload 3 photos.
      Slide show does not work, the computer hard-disk get on! but
      the client does not show any photo.
  8.2 Buttons panel under the photos like: Rotate, Cut does not work!

  8.3 After upload 3 music files.
      There is not way to select from the list, the
      songs you wish to listen.

  8.4 After upload 1 video (2Mb)
      The preview pane do not show any preview. After clic Play, the
      button become in a Pause button, but not image.

  8.5 There is not way to browse for a folder or a file/document on
      Files Storage.
      At this time consider the possibility to select files and
      attach it's to a message, the attach process will be very fast
      because the files already resides on the server side.

  8.5 There is not place where decide to hide/show My STUFF features.
      Consider Admin decision.

There are some considerations about Pronto! interface.
Hope it's help in the development,


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