Mailing List Message #92409
From: Jon R. Doyle <>
Subject: VoIP with HP iPAQ Voice Messenger
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 12:14:52 -0700
To: <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro Pronto 1.2

I should have indicated I am only using the phone with WiFi and my SIM card is not there at all, as it is in my main phone, a Sony K800 which I doubt I will give up. I already got 2 iPhones today for my Birthday, and it is only noon, and those will stay shrink wrapped perhaps, that is how much I like and got used to the Sony :~) I was using the phone to test ActiveSync and VoIP, without GSM at all. I have updated the iPAQ however, there is a Windows update service, and would recommend to do that if you get one of these as the SW/FW can differ regionally, and there might be fixes.

That said, I have had no issues using the VoIP, over WiFi, but I have a pretty clear/ clean DSL. I know use of WiFi for SIP clients can be problematic on some networks and routers. I use an Apple Airport Extreme, it always has been rock stable, whereas I have seen issues with other base stations from other companies.

There are settings in the phone  to "use Internet Calling" "when available" or "only when GSM is not" etc. So, from what the guys in Chile reported, those could be adjustments you might want to pay attention to for hand-off to the VoIP, and if it is not done right, it could be a buggy hand-off from the GSM to the Internet Connection/SIP client in the OS.


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