Mailing List Message #92362
From: Bret Miller <>
Subject: RE: RDNS lookup without mail rejection?
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 09:03:16 -0700
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro MAPI Connector 1.2.12/1.2.12(local)
I'm pretty sure creating a filter checking the rdns would be quite easy to create. A simple perl script would do, which could later be translated in a binary filter if proven useful.

If several people would be interested in such a filter, let me know, I will see what I can do. Give me your expected specs :-)

It's possible to do that, but again, adding the information so that SpamAssassin can see it and use it is another matter. AFAIK, the only way to do that is to discard and reinject the mesasge. I'll probably take a shot at parsing the Received header, doing the lookup, and modifying the header in CGPSA prior to calling SA. It would just be easier if CGPro could act like a real MTA and do this for you without rejecting stuff.

Wael Shahin wrote:
On Mon, 2007-08-27 at 11:18 -0700, Bret Miller wrote:
Have you got to the bottom of this? does integrating with SpamAssassin

On Wed, 2007-08-22 at 08:46 -0700, Bret Miller wrote:
Is there a way to tell CGPro to lookup and record the  reverse DNS of the
sending host in the received header without rejecting email 
if HELO or MAIL FROM is wrong?
No. Haven't figured this out. I suspect it's not possible. 

The idea is that SpamAssassin DOESN'T do its own RDNS lookup, so it's necessary for the MTA to provide that information. BUT, I have a few people we need to remain in contact with who have very badly configured mail servers.

So, I want the information without the rejection so it can be processed by rules and helpers. 
I am not sure if this will make sense to you but would you consider
running two MTAs? such as exim on port 25 and CommuniGate in the
background? The main problem with that I believe is if you are not using
an LDAP server for authentication.
I realize that I could manage this myself,
And I will be interested if you would kindly let me know what happened
or if I can be of help.
 but then every rule and helper that needs the information has to do it itself because you can't add it to the header and have another rule's helper see that information.

So I guess this becomes a feature request that will likely never be done... 
And I'll have to write my own code to do it again. <sigh>
I have had bad experience with external helpers that were not approved
by Stalker and the CommuniGate server for some reason. Whether they were
performance issues or weired one. But then again that might be my
problem alone
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