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From: Dave Pooser <>
Subject: Re: Case Study Request
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 22:21:27 -0500
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
> How long have you been running on this G5 xserve with 10.4 OS?

The current install dates from 9/16/2006. Before that it was running on

> What version of CGP are you running?


> How many Users?

88, mostly IMAP but some POP. No MAPI. Clients are overwhelmingly Macs
running Entourage but some Windows machiens with Thunderbird or (ugh)

> What are you using for SPAM? CGP filter or Appliance? (I ask this because the
> crashes seem to coincide with SPAM bursts.  This is why I tackled the Junk
> folders first.)

I'm actually running Exim on the same server; it listens on port 25, runs
mail through SpamAssassin (rejecting on a 10+) and ClamAV plus various ACLs,
and then hands the message off to CGPro listening on another port. I run two
CGPro filters, both from Niversoft (FindAttach and ListPostProcess).

To boost performance I also run a caching DNS server and an rbldnsd instance
for my private blacklist. I also use  the Mac OS X firewall to block bogus
IPs (I have a script that downloads the bogons list from Team Cymru) and to
block SSH connections from outside ARIN address space, because I've noticed
in the past that an SSH dictionary attack could DOS a 10.4.x server quite
effectively. (It wasn't a problem with 10.3.x and may no longer be a problem
with later 10.4.x revisions; I haven't felt the need to check.)

CGPro is shut down every day for 1/2 hr while I rsync the data store to a
RAID 0 staging area (and from thence to tape). I can't say whether that
practice has anything to do with the uptime under 10.4; I started doing that
earlier in '06 (but had no problems with 10.3.x before I included a server
shutdown in my backup script).
Dave Pooser
"...Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving
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shouting GERONIMO!!!" -- Bill McKenna

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