Mailing List Message #92320
From: Bret Miller <>
Subject: RE: Problems with Mail Redirection Option "Preserve To/CC fields"
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 14:20:06 -0700
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro MAPI Connector 1.2.12/1.2.12(local)
> Some of our users on our CommuniGate Pro 5.1.10 server have enabled
> since long-time in their accounts the "Mail Redirection"
> rule. Now since
> some weeks, all users having activated for the mail
> redirection rule the
> corresponding option "Preserve To/Cc fields", do not any more get
> redirected/forwarded incoming mail, if the sender of the
> incoming mail
> is not part of their domain. The target mail-servers (other ISPs and
> domains) are refusing the redirected/forwarded mails with the message
> "... we refuse to relay".
> If our users are deactivating the option "Preserve To/Cc fields" the
> same target mail-servers do not complain at all and our users are
> getting the mails to their target mailbox as they did since
> ever. Doing
> so, unfortunately the CC fields are dropped - in some cases
> the CC field
> contains a very import information, now missing.
> Is there any way that CommuniGate Pro is preserving the CC fields but
> the header will be conforming to the more and more restricting rules
> applied by most mail-servers today?

It would be interesting to see what a session from the system log looked like. You'd have to set the SMTP sending log level to low-level or all info first, then catch one of the problem sessions. I can't see how preserving the To and Cc fields should have any impact on "relay" settings as long as your server and theirs are behaving properly.

It sounds like someone has a server that ignores the SMTP protocol and tries to deliver the message based on the To and Cc headers. Very bad idea....


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