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From: Robinson Maureira Castillo <>
Subject: Re: Calling PBX apps by domain
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 15:25:45 -0400
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Larry Ash wrote:
> CGPro 5.1.10 running on Solaris 0x2 cluster.
> In the routing table I have the entry:
> NoRelay:S:<+*@pstn> = gatewaycaller{*,gw2}#postmaster
> The above entry runs as
> If I modify the gatewaycaller script I need to upload into the
> server-wide scripts on both servers. The cluster-wide or domain pbx apps
> are not used. My guess is that it's the way I have called postmaster.
> I have a need to modify gatewaycaller for one domain only. I would like
> to modify the above router entry so that it would use the gatewaycaller
> script associated with the domain of the account that placed the call
> and default to the cluster wide one.

IIRC, you can specify any account as the "run as" parameter of the
router line, as long as that account has sufficient access permissions
to do whatever you're doing on your PBX App.

The part after the hash mark (#) is the user who's invoking the
application, you can try changing it to

NoRelay:S:<+*@pstn> = gatewaycaller{*,gw2}#postmaster@otherdomain

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