Mailing List Message #92207
From: Lyle Giese <>
Subject: Re: Cgate and DNS Server on the same computer ?
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 21:12:23 -0500
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
CGPro does not listen on an entire ip address. BIND or any other dns
servers software does not occupy an ip address. They listen on ports
assigned to an ip address.  CGPro does not bind itself to udp or tcp
port 53.  BIND or any real dns server binds to udp and tcp port 53, so
there is no conflict here.

An ip address has the potential to hold thousands of listeners on
different ports.


cherif abarguia wrote:
> Thanks for your answer, Marcel
> What if there are more than two IP adresses ? CGP is running three
> domain names, each one is assigned a fixed IP address.
> What will be the problem if cgate is listening to all the addresses,
> including the ethernet one,  assigned to the DNS Server ?
> ch. abarguia
> On 13 août 07, at 14:28, Marcel Hochuli wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have the same setup here: Two IP addresses on a Xserve G4. I
>> assigned the first to CGP and the second to Men and Mice DNS.
>> You have to set up CGP manually, to listen only to the one address
>> (on every listener) and to send on the same address. You also have to
>> set up DNS manually to listen only to the other address (this has to
>> be done in the config-files, as Men and Mice Suite has no GUI for
>> this setting).
>> On my old setup (replaced in the middle of 2006), I had also two IPs
>> on the same machine but the first IP was DNS and the second was CGP.
>> Both variants work(ed) seamless.
>> Marcel
>> ___________________________________
>> Am 13.08.2007 um 12:05 schrieb cherif abarguia:
>>> Until now my DNS server is running on a different computer than
>>> cgate pro.
>>> I wish to install Communigate Pro and the DNS Server on the same
>>> computer, configured with multiple IP addresses.
>>> What's the best method for doing it ? Does the Ethernet IP address
>>> must be the cgate one for the licensed domain name or could it be
>>> the DNS server one ? In other words, can I assign a IP address to
>>> the cgate server from the additional IP addresses and keep the
>>> ethernet IP address for the DNS server.
>>> DNS Server: menand mice suite
>>> Cate : 4.2.10 - multiple domains, each one with its IP address
>>> Platform: Biprocessor Macintosh G4
>>> Thanks in advance for your advice and help
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