Mailing List Message #92122
From: Thom O'Connor <>
Subject: Re: Too Many Sessions
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 09:08:38 -0700
To: <>
From:   Kirk Gleason
> As I indicated yesterday, we are testing the XMPP functionality in
> CGate Pro, and I have a couple of users using Pronto as the interface
> for it. Today these users started setting an error stating "Too many
> open sessions" when attempting to log into the Pronto interface. The
> HTTPU listener is set to 300 conecctions, and there should not be
> anywhere near 300 people connected to that interfacer right now. Any
> ideas on what might be causing this or, where I should look, since I
> have never been able to find an settings for Pronto in the admin UI?

Pronto uses "XIMSS" sessions (not XMPP).

Please check [Settings->Access->XIMSS], how many Channels are listed here?

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