Mailing List Message #92072
From: Behram V. Parekh <>
Subject: redirect-copy-to not stripping delivery-confirmation request ?
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 12:25:05 -0700
To: <CGatePro>
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 11
I have the cgate server set to redirect-copy-to my user's cellphone SMS e-mail address as a notify.  When a sender requests a delivery-confirmation, I thought the redirect-copy-to was supposed to strip that request.  However, it does not seem to and the sender gets a delivery-confirmation from the cellphone provider (AT&T wireless) stating the message was delivered to the cellphone, and including the cellphone number.  This is, of course, not acceptable.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong ?  Is there a method to redirect the entire message to a user's cellphone (or, ideally, the From/Subj. line plus X characters of the message body) to the user's cellphone e-mail address while stripping the delivery-confirmation request ?
I tried using the "react-with" command, but there does not seem to be any macro that would include the entire message body and/or X characters of the message body.
I also looked at a couple of free third-party utilities to try and use them as an external filter, but they all seem to be unix based.  Our CGate is running on windows.
Any help would be appreciated.
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