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From: Dan Wright <>
Subject: Re: PGP and MAPI connector
Date: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 15:29:42 -0700
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On Fri, 03 Aug 2007 16:32:50 -0700
 "Eric Chamberlain" <> wrote: is where I got the software from.  It's not the
greatest or easiest to use, but it is free.


It looks to me like gpg4Win is including the GPGoL plugin which is, according to, alpha software.  I think it has problems.

I sent three test messages.

The first was plain text.  GPGoL went through the motions but didn't encrypt the message.  This is in their bug tracker at

The second was a simple html message.  GPGoL attached a file named "PGPexch.htm.pgp" but sent a text/plain and a text/html part unencrypted.

The third message was complex html with a graphic and an attachment.  GPGoL attached three files. "Outlook.jpg.pgp", "AttachmentName.pgp", and "PGPexch.htm.pgp".  It again sent  a text/plain and a text/html part unencrypted.

I spent some time with PGP Desktop 9.6.2.  The problem there is that PGP proxies the IMAP session and rejects anything it doesn't recognize.  It also doesn't work with LOGIN which had me confused for a while.  Even if you aren't using LOGIN for authentication it responds "BAD Syntax error, command unrecognized" as soon as the MAPI connector gives a "ENABLE EXTENSIONS."

I'm still searching and will post my results for the benefit of the community and the archive.

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