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From: Daniel M. Zimmerman <>
Subject: CGPSA 1.6b1 Released
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 21:08:32 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Mailing List <>
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After a very, very long (and patient, for those of you who have been in contact with me) wait, it's time for a new beta version of CGPSA - 1.6b1! It's available now from <>.

This version adds a number of features that have been requested (and in most cases, already coded!) by the CGPSA community, most notably Duane Hill. Thanks a lot for the contributed code. It also removes one extremely noteworthy feature: backward compatibility with SpamAssassin 2.6. CGPSA 1.6b1 requires SpamAssassin 3.0 or higher, and works with all 3.x SpamAssassin releases to date.

The main new features: support for temporary blacklisting (for CGP >= 5.1c1); more intelligent handling of headers when the set of headers to be added in headers only mode exceeds CGP's response length limit; support for modifying the maximum message length to be scanned; support for more targeted SpamAssassin debugging; and better compatibility with SpamAssassin's SPF checks.

This release should be pretty stable; however, I have not tested all the new features exhaustively, as I am still running a pre-5.1 CGP on my own server. Thus, any input will be appreciated. While I cannot promise very quick turnaround time on bug reports, I will do my best to get things taken care of in a reasonably timely fashion (unlike what has been the case for the past year or so).

1.6b1 - 2 August 2007

Major Changes

- CGPSA now requires SpamAssassin 3.0 or higher.
- Added options to set a score ("temp_blacklist_score") and duration ("temp_blacklist_duration") for temporary blacklisting, using the temporary blacklisting facilities of CommuniGate Pro releases that support it (thanks to Duane Hill for initial code).
- Added the ability to turn on spamd-style logging ("spamd_style_log") (thanks to Duane Hill for initial code).
- Added a setting for the maximum message length to scan ("max_scan_length"), instead of the previous 128K hard-coded limit (thanks to Duane Hill for initial code).
- Added a setting for the maximum length of a response to return to CommuniGate Pro ("cgp_max_response_length") (thanks to Duane Hill for initial code).
- Added header reduction and header inclusion settings ("header_to_reduce", "headers_to_include") to handle long sets of headers in an orderly fashion (thanks to Duane Hill for initial code).

Minor Changes

- Improved compatibility with SPF checking (thanks to Duane Hill for initial code).
- Extended the "sa_debug" parameter to enable the specification of specific SpamAssassin log facilities (such as "check") (thanks to Duane Hill for initial code).


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