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From: Nicolas Hatier <>
Subject: Re: Mail from webform is stopped
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 20:35:24 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
You could try to add a router entry in CGP router such as
server.localdomain =

and set the IP address of the machine serving the web form in CGP client list.

However, make sure to secure your webform enough to prevent relaying through it. The webform's destination addresses should be fixed in the server-side webform script, and all user-defined data should be examined and properly escaped.


Eliza Bonner wrote:

We have recently set up a web form that is set to mail to an email address in our CommuniGate Pro server.  However, the e-mail coming from the web form does not have a fully qualified domain name in the return path, and as a result, CommuniGate is not letting it through.  Is there a way to set CommuniGate to allow mail coming from this server through even though it doesn’t have a fully qualified domain?  A relevant section of the log file is below (with names changed). 


18:50:43.405 5 SMTPI-000305([]) inp: EHLO server.localdomain

18:50:43.405 3 DNR-018431(server.localdomain) A:host name is unknown

18:50:43.405 3 SMTPI-000305(server.localdomain) failed to resolve HELO parameter: host name is unknown. Real address is []


18:50:43.514 5 SMTPI-000305([]) inp: MAIL From:<apache@server.localdomain> SIZE=624

18:50:43.514 4 SMTPI-000305([]) checking MX-record for server.localdomain

18:50:43.514 3 DNR-018432(server.localdomain) MX:host name is unknown

18:50:43.514 4 SMTPI-000305([]) checking A-record of server.localdomain

18:50:43.514 3 DNR-018433(server.localdomain) A:host name is unknown

18:50:43.514 1 SMTPI-000305([]) Return-Path 'apache@server.localdomain' rejected: host name is unknown

18:50:45.514 5 SMTPI-000305([]) s-out: 572 apache@server.localdomain host name is unknown\r\n


I’m also working to try and get a fully qualified domain into the return path, but I don’t have full control over that machine, so I want to try to see if I can make it work through CommuniGate.  Thank you for any help… I’m somewhat new at this.



S. Eliza Bonner

Website Coordinator

Freedom House


Nicolas Hatier
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