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Subject: Re: Using IMAP outside the office
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 07:33:14 -0700
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When enabling SMTP AUTH, consider using port 587
with TLS as that is the de facto standard. If you
want to *force* SSL, I believe that port is 465.

Use of port 587 conveniently gets around ISP blocking
port 25. TLS allows client-initiated encryption.
Be sure to configure TLS to optional/preferred rather
than required. Also, be sure to set SMTP AUTH as
required on port 587 so that spammers cannot send
through that port.

matthew black
network services
california state university, long beach

On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 19:44:10 -0400
 Nicolas Hatier <> wrote:

This is probably a misconception of the Relay feature. CGP will never allow a stranger to relay through your server unless you invite them to.
The Relay feature allow _clients_ (either by recognizing their IP address, their e-mail address, or through authentication) to send a message through your server to a third-party. This is exactly what you're trying to do.

The default settings (with Relay on) will allow anyone using a return-path from your domain to send to anyone. Most people use this setting, but SMTP Auth is better, as it will allow only people who enter a password through their SMTP session to send mail to a third party.

SMTP authentication is usually enabled on CGP, what you want is to FORCE it. This is just another option to turn on in CGP. After (or preferably before) forcing it, you need to configure email clients to use SMTP auth. This also is usually just an option to turn on - "Use SMTP authentication". Some mail clients will ask you to enter the username and password, some others will be able to use the information from the IMAP or POP settings.


Aaron Willems wrote:
Yes, this is what I suspected, that the Outside ISP's are blocking Port 25

Yes, users can always retrieve email through Outlook or Entourage and even send to other people at the company. Just not to outside people. I don't know how to set up SMTP authentication. No, I don't want turn on the Relay feature as this would be an open invitation to Spammers to turn our Mail site into an Open Relay. Also many companies don't allow for incoming email through a Relay.

-- Aaron Willems
Systems Administrator
Lieberman Productions

*From: *Phil Slater <>
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*Date: *Tue, 31 Jul 2007 15:25:41 -0700
*To: *CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
*Subject: *Re: Using IMAP outside the office

Sending is an SMTP function not an IMAP function as mentioned.  More than likely your service provider as mentioned is blocking access on port 25. Now the questions.

1. Can you retrieve email? Not clear in previous post.
2. Have you tried SMTP authentication?
3. You state 'don't want to turn on relay features', what are your relay settings?
4, For domain and account enabled services are relay and mobile both enabled for the domain and the account?

On Jul 31, 2007, at 9:29 AM, Aaron Willems wrote:

    Good Morning,

    I thought I'd ask you guys this question, I tried working with
    support and got nowhere. I need to know if Communigate supports this
    feature. But before I post my question, let me just say this. I
    did not
    configure our mail server. I'm not an engineer, I'm just a support
    there is no engineer on site, so I'm hoping you guys can help.

    We're currently running Communigate Pro 5.1.9 on an IBM server via
    2000 Server SP4. The mail clients are all IMAP based. When the
    clients work
    from the office they can use Entourage or Outlook to send email.
    When they
    leave the office they can mo longer send emails to outside clients
    other staff members. They are forced to use the Web browser or
    change their
    outgoing SMTP settings to their home ISP's SMTP settings.

    Is there a way to get the IMAP protocol to work on other ISP network's
    meaning outside the office? I've clicked on the Allow logins from
    IP address, and it did not work. I get these errors messages when
    I try,
    Relay prohibited, you are not allowed to relay email. I obviously
    don't want
    to turn on the relay feature, so I tried putting my username and
    password in
    the outgoing SMTP settings and it made no difference. I got this error
    message instead, relaying prohibited you should authenticate first.

    What am I missing? Can I get this to work or not? I could really
    use your

    Thanks in Advance.
    --     Aaron Willems
    Systems Administrator
    Lieberman Productions
    Philo Television

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