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From: Bas van den Bosch <>
Subject: Re: synckolab?
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 20:09:22 +0200
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
The foreign timezones issue is wll known in the lightning-team and ctalbert is working on it but it's quite a complicated problem. Afaik, Communigate understands foreign timezones and stores them, it´s lightning who isn´t able to store foreign zone-definitions.



Nicolas Hatier schreef:
Thanks for the info. However, converting the VTimeZone with a Mozilla TZID to a VTimeZone with a CGP TZID is not possible.

There is 396 different Mozilla TZID but only 60 CGP ones (in Services/, and the timezone information for a particular region isn't always the same.

Can CGP rely on the Timezone definition (TZOFFSET[from/to] and RRULE) instead of relying on the TZID? I'm not sure how interoperability can be achieved if each product can only understand its own TZIDs since TZIDs are not a public definition.


Technical Support wrote:

Nicolas Hatier wrote:

I modified the extension again to fix the VTimeZone error problem. Now, while being converted to the CGP format, all dates are converted in UTC and timezone information is removed.

Events created by CGP seems to always be created with UTC dates, without timezone information.

Unless those are recurrent events that cross DST on/off transition date.


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