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Subject: Re: iCal publishing CGate Pro 5.1.11
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 13:28:50 -0400
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  I am really stumped by this one too ... Is there a way that I can force CommuniGate to delete my calendar? It used to be that if the Calendar did not exist, and you clicked on Calendar in the Webmail, you would get an error. Last night I tried deleting Calendar.mdir from my account, but I did not get the error from the webmail. When I try to delete the Calendar folder from an IMAP client, it tells me that it is locked (even after I recreated the mdir). It looks more and more like this is specific to this calendar (as I mentioned, I have other calendars published to this account using iCal and they are still working fine).
  Maybe the problem is in my iCal. Could this be related to iTunes syncing iCal with my iPhone? That is the only calendar I sync with the phone. Now that I think about it, the timing of it all seems right. I may have incorrectly assumed that it was because of the CGate upgrade, which happened at the same time as my getting the phone. I know this is outside the scope of this list. I am just spitballing here, looking for any ideas ...

Kirk Gleason
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On Jul 31, 2007, at 12:57 PM, A Ballesteros wrote:

On Mon, 30 Jul 2007 10:25:49 -0400
 Kirk Gleason <> wrote:
Has anyone noticed any problems publishing Calendars from iCal on  CGate Pro v 5.1.11? Since I upgraded to 5.1.11 I have not been able  to successfully publish my calendar from iCal, but I can successfully  subscribe to other people calendars. This seems to have broken in 5.1.11 (in 5.1.10 it was working).

Hello, I may be out of date on what is possible with Apple's iCal and CommuniGate Pro. I have always been able to subscribe to calendars hosted on CommuniGate Pro and publishing works only as the client allows, from a local calendar.

CommuniGate Pro was version 4.3 when I last wrote about this:

I am confused about what broke in your installation. I have performed some tests using a 5.1.11 server and the newer install where we offer free test accounts at In all tests I was able to create an event in a local iCal calendar and have that auto publish to the remote CommuniGate Pro calendar as iCal is designed to work.

The URL I am try to use for publishing in iCal looks like this:

There may be a problem with this URL. You have http and port 9100. By default port 9100 is for https and port 8100 is for http. Could this be the problem?

And the Calendar is named Calendar. iCal used to automatically append  the Calendar.ics onto the end of the URL, and based on the error  message I am getting back from iCal, it looks like it is still  happening like that.

I will provide the configuration I used for I could not use https because we do not yet have an https certificate installed there yet. If you try with https on iCal returns a certificate error as expected.

First I subscribe to my remote calendar on

I name this calendar

I then create a local calendar called I right-click and select Publish and choose the private server option. The data for the form I entered is:

Publish Calendar as: Calendar
Base URL:
login: ab
pass: supersecretstuff (not the real pass)

I activated all check boxes, clicked on the Publish button and it works. This also works as expected on a 5.1.11 test server I have.


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