Mailing List Message #106835
From: Roberto Michelena <>
Subject: TLS version, fix one break another
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 20:23:03 -0500
To: <>
I had some emails stuck in the queue, with the already known error
"Error Code=TLS record
version is not 3.x"
So I implemented the solution detailed on a post here a couple of
months ago, creating a file with the parameter
"--SMTPOutgoingTLSVersion 3"
VoilĂ  ! after restarting, those emails that were stuck went through..!

But... (why always a but!?) ... another whole set of emails began
queuing up, with "connection is broke" and no further explanation.
Specifically all domains hosted by Microsoft's services.

I removed the fix, restarted, and all those emails went through.

So, is there a solution that works for all and does not create it's
own set of problems?

best regards,

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