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From: Richard Davis <>
Subject: Re: [CGP-Update] [*] CommuniGate Pro 6.2 is released
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2017 15:17:20 +0000
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>

So, CGP Is software that is used in a public venue making it exposed to hackers.

That means it needs to be updated to keep from being hacked.

How do you want to pay for those updates?

There are several options.

Buy it once and never update…Get Hacked.

Buy it once then pay maintenance fees and receive updates.

Buy the software on a revolving subscription receiving updates.


When Adobe went to a monthly subscription our company was upset with the same sort of arguments.

Truth is, looking historically off keeping Photoshop up-to-date the monthly subscripts was far more affordable.

And Photoshop does not have the public exposure to hackers.


The only thing I don’t like in a subscription base model for something as mission critical as a mail server is how much grace period before the software stops working. In the purchase/maintenance plan you are still running if something happens and you miss the deadline to update. In a subscription based scenario you are dead in the water when the subscription times out.





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