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From: Ralf Zenklusen, BAR Informatik AG <>
Subject: AW: List changes since 5.4
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:59:18 +0100
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3. DMARC should be in 6.2 which will be out soon.






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Betreff: List changes since 5.4


I haven't upgraded CommuniGate since 5.4. We are only using it for the
lists, which is fairly dubious because I am not all that happy with some
of the list features these days anyway. Reading through the changes
since 5.4 up until now it appears there has been almost no change to the
List functionality.

Here are some of the issues. Can anyone tell me if these have been
addressed or if you know how to deal with them?

1. Moderated lists send a message to the "Approval" mailbox. This goes
unnoticed without logging into this mailbox or specifically setting up a
mail client for this address. No way to forward this email to another
address or set up alert (that I can sort out.)

2. Digests become a garbled mess unless they are plain text.

3. Need an easy way of dealing with DMARC (installing a perl script is
not easy)

Anything that has gotten better or is it just the same? I do generally
like the bounce management. That is the one thing CG lists have going
for them. It seems almost the question is whether the upgrade is worth
the price for bounce management alone.





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