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Subject: Re: Connect CGP to PSTN
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 15:50:05 -0500
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Where does that interface come from?  I'm running CGP 6.1.13.  Mine doesn't look like that.  Or is that just a different theme?


On Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:07:20 +0100
 "Brian Turnbow" <> wrote:
>HI  Karl,
>Take  a look at the voip page in support
>Communigate is very programmable on how you want to connect to a provider.
>Basically you have rsip and pstn settings from the web pages , and B2BUA
>scripts gatewayincoming/outgoing where you can get really fancy.
>Have you seen the new contactcenter? It really makes the queueing of calls
>modern and functional with respect to the standard pbx apps.
>Best Regards
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>> I'm trying to understand how to connect CGP to the  PSTN.  We can get SIP
>> trunks, but how to connect to CGP?  In another open source PBX like
>> FreeSWITCH the SIP provider information is added to an XML file.  I don't
>> see
>> any place in CGP to add a SIP provider.  I could be missing it.  Or is
>> some
>> additional third party hardware or software needed?
>> Thank you
>> --Karl
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