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From: Technical Support, Stalker Labs <>
Subject: Re: Bounce: non-existent domain ( in From:
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2016 09:08:49 +0300
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
On 29.12.2016 6:55, Gib Henry wrote:
Yikes!  A bunch of legitimate emails are being rejected for
'non-existent domain in From:'  In this example, a Gmail test message
(from me!) is wrongly rejected:

21:43:11.262 2 SMTPI-000003( [2510010] received encrypted, 2832 bytes
21:43:44.000 1 ENQUEUER-000006([2510010]) [2510010] rule(DMARC-scan): filter(DMARC-scan) report: non-existent domain ( in From:
21:43:44.000 1 QUEUE([2510010]) Enqueueing failed. Error Code=external filter rejected the message
21:43:44.000 1 DEQUEUER [2510010] SYSTEM(gib) failed:_*non-existent domain ( in From: *_21:43:44.853 2 SMTP-000004(*) [2510011] sent encrypted []:50033 -> []:2501, got:250 4126316 message accepted for delivery

The From: line contained [my correct Gmail address]

Some mail does come in, but what’s up with this?!  It just started
spontaneously a day or two ago, but isn’t consistent.

This means your DNS server is failing. The script ( rejects the domain if it doesn't see A/MX/AAAA record for it.

> I can’t think of
any changes I’ve made recently, same DNS servers, and I tried

What Refresh? The script uses the OS-defined DNS through the Perl module, not DNS defined in CommuniGate (however a particular DNS can be specified in the script).

If the DNS problem is still there - try changing my $rejectBadFroms=1; to =0 to prevent rejecting messages.

>any insight?  Cheers,

Best regards,
Roman Prokhorov
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