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From: Terrence Koeman <>
Subject: RE: DMARC plugin not working
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2016 08:09:46 +0200
To: 'CommuniGate Pro Discussions' <>
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The DKIM script doesn't need an external source for validating DKIM, it uses a Perl module for that. So it only needs the SPF header from CGP, so I don't think the priority for the rule matters. But you can always check 1 and 9 to be sure.

As for troubleshooting, set the helper to all info and see what happens. If nothing happens you probably have an error in your global rule.

Also check that it starts and can find all needed modules, like so:

[cgatepro@baphomet /var/CommuniGate]$ CGPDMARC/CGPDMARC
* started.
* reports daemon started
* composing report for
1 OK
* stopping
* reports daemon stopped

If that's all OK, mail us the output of

# cat 2016-10-02.log |grep "R(DMARC"

Good luck!

   Terrence Koeman, PhD/MTh/BPsy
      Darkness Reigns (Holding) B.V.

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> To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
> Subject: DMARC plugin not working
> I'm testing DMARC plugin with CGP 6.1.8 on CentOS 6.8. Check SPF addheader
> and DKIM_verify plugin are working fine. I use lower priority for DMARC_scan
> after DKIM_verify, but DMARC didn't add any header for all incoming email.
> What should I check?

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