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On 2016-08-31 01:26 , Roberto Michelena wrote:
Well this is quite interesting but also a sure source of
frustration…! I can’t even manage the Pronto clients to connect

After trying hard I did manage to get the Cisco phones to register,
and also to call each other. But no audio came out. Ever. So I tried

As Tom Rymes has already mentioned, the most likely cause for no audio in VoIP calls is a problem network config, stricter speaking - the lack of "understanding" from the server which IP addresses it should use in SDP payloads during VoIP calls negotiation. Specifically - the settings for the LAN and WAN IP addresses in WebAdmin -> Settings -> Network -> LAN IPs. The simplest recommendation is to specify there exactly the IPs the clients in the corresponding networks will see as source in the packets received from CGPro.

calling from Pronto iOS clients. Same thing. Between two Pronto iOS
clients. Same. and Between web and iOS Pronto clients. Same.

So I grabbed a old MacMini I had lying around, did a fresh OS install
and a fresh CGPro (latest) install. (no license = community edition)
Invented a domain ( and created a domain alias with the IP
address in order to log in from other computers. Created a couple of
accounts, Joe and Bob. Added aliases (for extension numbers) 210 and
211 to Joe and Bob. Logged in Joe and Bob from Pronto browser clients
in separate computers, and couldn’t even connect calls. “no address”.
I tried chatting and sending emails between Joe and Bob, worked

The "no address" error is caused by the default preference in Pronto not to accept incoming calls (in favor for SIP clients possibly configured for this account). On a new test installation it's recommended to enable incoming calls in Pronto prefs (in Pronto or via WebAdmin).

It turns out, it seems, that the problem was logging into the server
by IP address and not domain name. Because as soon as I added the
fake domain to my DNS server, the calls began connecting. Your
browser connection needs to be by domain name not IP address. But no
audio. Joe and Bob can ring each other from their browsers, the call
loudly rings and “connects”, but then it’s all silence.

So I decided to try iOS Pronto clients. iPad to browser. Browser to
iPad. Same.

On Firefox (mac) it seemed to work without plugin, by “WebRTC
wrapper” ; but audio was only one way, actually no, it was feeding
back to the same browser window from which it was originating. Then
after installing the plugin, the plugin kept crashing and that was
the end of any audio.

Chrome insisted to have a secure connection. I generated a
self-signed certificate on the server and after getting past Chrome’s
complaints, logged in. No audio either on the calls. No option to
install plugin, only WebRTC wrapper.

To make it short, every browser is a different story but there’s no
audio from or to any of them, except briefly some feedback loop
within Firefox. And also white noise. Also tried Firefox under Win7,
white noise. Explorer 8 under Win7, wants to install a plugin but
then does not find it.

Safari, after installing the media plugin, also no audio at all, and
frequent “illegal command parameter” errors when receiving a call.

I did get iOS to iOS to work on the “fresh” install. The only
situation in which I finally got two-way audio between Pronto
clients. But when I try in on my real server which belongs to two
networks, it does not work. Connects but no audio. Arghhh.

It’s not the audio input or output devices or their hooks to the
software. Leaving voicemail works. If I put on hold from one side,
the other hears music. Well, sometimes that works sometimes not, no
music. And sometimes you put one party on hold and then when you
resume, the other party keeps getting music.

So conceptually everything is beautifully thought and even
graphically well executed. I only wish it worked! Has anyone got
Pronto browser clients to work reliably for voice communication?

Roberto Michelena

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov.
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