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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 09:34:07 +0200
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Hi Roberto,

Yes we use PBX and can get it to work ( besides some issues with bugs we are
working with Communigate with in 6.1).
And believe me I can understand the frustration, have you tried your local
cgp partner for help in setting it up?

You are probably going to need to make sure your lan/nat IP addresses are ok
if you have audio issues.
I have never tried to connect on the lan side, we connect to the wan ip
address, i.e. points to the wan IP address
And clients go through the firewall/router nat to get to the server.
The firewall/router should have any sip nat algs off to let the cgp server
handle nat translation.
When correctly set cgp will proxy sdp when audio comes from different public
ips and do media release when 2 phones are behind the same natted IP.
You can also force media relay for an ip address by placing it in the nat
server ip address list.
You should be using hpronto in 6.11, and may want to try the latest 6.11
patch from the ftp site as there still some issues being worked out  from
the changes implemented from 6.0 to 6.1.
For your pstn gateway you want to check if it correctly works with update
method and if it does not , activate the sip workaround for updates so
reinvites will be sent, and also check if it will correctly handle invites
with no sdp. One of the big changes from 6.0 to 6.1 for webrtc support was
to change how codecs negotiation takes place and support for empty sdp
invites/updates becomes fundamental.
Otherwise the latest 6.0 may be more stable in a voice scenario but you lose
hpronto and must rely on the flash based pronto that only works on browsers
that will still run the audio plugin.



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> Well this is quite interesting but also a sure source of frustration…!
> I can’t even manage the Pronto clients to connect properly!
> After trying hard I did manage to get the Cisco phones to register, and
> also to
> call each other. But no audio came out. Ever.
> So I tried calling from Pronto iOS clients. Same thing. Between two Pronto
> iOS
> clients. Same. and Between web and iOS Pronto clients. Same.
> So I grabbed a old MacMini I had lying around, did a fresh OS install and
> a
> fresh CGPro (latest) install. (no license = community edition) Invented a
> domain ( and created a domain alias with the IP address in
> order
> to log in from other computers.
> Created a couple of accounts, Joe and Bob. Added aliases (for extension
> numbers) 210 and 211 to Joe and Bob.
> Logged in Joe and Bob from Pronto browser clients in separate computers,
> and couldn’t even connect calls. “no address”. I tried chatting and
> sending
> emails between Joe and Bob, worked perfectly.
> It turns out, it seems, that the problem was logging into the server by IP
> address and not domain name. Because as soon as I added the fake domain to
> my DNS server, the calls began connecting. Your browser connection needs
> to
> be by domain name not IP address.
> But no audio. Joe and Bob can ring each other from their browsers, the
> call
> loudly rings and “connects”, but then it’s all silence.
> So I decided to try iOS Pronto clients. iPad to browser. Browser to iPad.
> Same.
> On Firefox (mac) it seemed to work without plugin, by “WebRTC wrapper” ;
> but audio was only one way, actually no, it was feeding back to the same
> browser window from which it was originating.
> Then after installing the plugin, the plugin kept crashing and that was
> the end
> of any audio.
> Chrome insisted to have a secure connection. I generated a self-signed
> certificate on the server and after getting past Chrome’s complaints,
> logged
> in. No audio either on the calls. No option to install plugin, only WebRTC
> wrapper.
> To make it short, every browser is a different story but there’s no audio
> from
> or to any of them, except briefly some feedback loop within Firefox. And
> also
> white noise. Also tried Firefox under Win7, white noise.
> Explorer 8 under Win7, wants to install a plugin but then does not find
> it.
> Safari, after installing the media plugin, also no audio at all, and
> frequent
> “illegal command parameter” errors when receiving a call.
> I did get iOS to iOS to work on the “fresh” install. The only situation in
> which I
> finally got two-way audio between Pronto clients.
> But when I try in on my real server which belongs to two networks, it does
> not
> work. Connects but no audio. Arghhh.
> It’s not the audio input or output devices or their hooks to the software.
> Leaving voicemail works. If I put on hold from one side, the other hears
> music.
> Well, sometimes that works sometimes not, no music. And sometimes you put
> one party on hold and then when you resume, the other party keeps getting
> music.
> So conceptually everything is beautifully thought and even graphically
> well
> executed. I only wish it worked!
> Has anyone got Pronto browser clients to work reliably for voice
> communication?
> Roberto Michelena
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