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Subject: Re: Difference between notify and redirect
Date: Wed, 4 May 2016 11:10:56 +1000
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Start should enable on the day set. End should disable on the day set. When date == %DATE SET% action RULE.

On 26/04/2016 12:31 AM, Technical Support wrote:

On 2016-04-21 07:20, Paul_Dudley wrote:
The new version of CommuniGate - 6.1.10 has a notify option for the vacation message rule. What is the difference between notify (sending a copy of the incoming message to someone else), and the redirect rule when also keeping a copy for yourself?

With the Notify option enabled and the list of addresses not empty the vacation rule does not use the Replied Addresses address book and replies to every message; the Forward to action is used to notify the specified addresses. (The forwarded messages look more like notifications than redirected or mirrored ones.)

This has been implemented within one rule as usually this automatic redirection/forwarding should end with the vacation, and some customers asked us to pack this into one simplified rule.

If you prefer to send automatic replies only once per a sender, you probably will not use the Notify option but rather use Redirect all Mail rule - but you will need to enable/disable it manually.

Speaking of the new Vacation rule - we just realized that the Start day parameter should be setting in its condition the date which is a day earlier than one set in UI. Most likely this will be addressed in the next version. On the other hand - I do not remember complaints on the End date parameter, which has been there for a while already: it has the same +/- one day problem. Should we change that as well?


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