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many thanks for this update although I'd have expected a statement from some of the Stalker's employees....



@anyone: Is anyone aware of plans for supporting Outlook Anywhere in CGPro?

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I'm not from communigate , but will share what I know.

6.1 beta should be out this month, I'm not sure all that it will bring but I know they have been working a lot on it.

You are right about html5 it will replace the flash version

We have also asked about outlook support and I talked to Jon about it this week. Hopefully there will be good news.

I know search is something they are looking into, we tried some homegrown stuff but could not get scaling working very well.

They added a feature for us in pronto ( flash) to open email from a custom module that we tested and works.

Our idea was to create a search module , the front end part we got to work but the backend indexing etc is not done and I admit the project has stagnated.



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Subject: CommuniGate - Future Plans?


This email is mainly directed to the developers / managers at CommuniGate Systems, but I thought I would ask openly on the list. Quite simply: Is anyone able to provide a higher level overview of what CommuniGate are focussing on in the coming months / year? I know Jon Doyle and a few others have previously given the community updates on their plans, but I've not seen any recently (or I may just have overlooked them) and I know there will always be things that can't be shared with the community, but is there anything that you can tell us?

The last patch release 6.0.9 was back in march, of which version 6 itself is nearing two years old, and there are seemingly fewer updates from CommuniGate on their news and events pages. This may just be that the y are all hard at work, but I am interested in where the product is heading! We re-evaluate the products we use regularly so I like to be able to justify why we use the products we do. I personally love the stability of CommuniGate which is why we have used it for around 7 years now.

I know the HTML 5 version of Pronto Lite has had lots of effort put into it, so I presume this will grow into a replacement of the Flash version of Pronto?

Anyway, whilst I'm writing this I would like to mention the areas where I believe CommuniGate as a mail server has room for improvement / nice to haves:

1) Finding emails on webmail. The webmail search feature is primarily a single search box which if searching on any reasonable mailbox is quite slow. I believe the key issue here is that behind the scenes the key data fields (subject / recipient / date / flags) aren't maintained in a separate index so it needs to do a lot of I/O jus t to satisfy "simple" mailbox searches. For example, if I need to find an email, and want to quickly find all emails from X with subject containing Y and had an attachment, this is very slow and is hard / not possible to express this in one search box on the webmail. This is the main issue I have always had with all of the CommuniGate webmail implementations.

2) Outlook support. The MAPI connector works, but on users with large mailboxes we have found the connector causes Outlook to "pause" or "freeze" during its sync. I have moved some of our users over to use Exchange style ActiveSync within Office 2013 which is much smoother. However this then doesn't have some of the features available in the MAPI connector, such as shared mailboxes (without doing a hack in the old style webmail to create a folder alias to the shared mailbox)

3) Community edition. As I work for a company which has lots of technical minded individuals, many of us (includi ng myself) run email servers at home, and our use of these does influence business decisions on which email servers we use. The community edition of CommuniGate is great, but with any email server there has to have both Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam, no-one in this modern day would risk running an email server without. There are some great community offerings such as ClamAV (I know Niversoft offers this), but there is no affordable Kaspersky / Cloudmark protection for community edition users, it would be great if at least it could be suggested to work with suppliers such as Kaspersky / Cloudmark to offer a reasonable pricing strategy for home users / community edition customers. I do realise though that home / community users are a very small Niche with everyone looking at cloud solutions now (personally I like all my mail to be stored / secured in a place hence running my own server).

Besides these requests, the stability and ease of maintenance of Com muniGate we have always been very happy with!

I am sure other users on this list have many other ideas, but essentially I am just asking whats next, and is no news good news?


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