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Subject: Re: Barracuda archiver
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 13:05:15 +1000
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Firstly, I do not use Barracuda mail archiver. However, your request is similar to how I set-up email archiving on my mail server, with a couple of differences.

I have an account in the main domain used solely for mail archiving, I'll call it account1@maindomain.dom

I have a server rule (rule 1) set-up like so:

Archive Email:

Human Generated IS
Any Recipient NOT IN postmaster@maindomain.dom,account1@maindomain.dom
From IS NOT account1@maindomain.dom

Mirror To account1@maindomain.dom

However, I found a lot of problems due to BCCed emails etc. I also have quite a few secondary domains on my email server. So I then set-up a number of account rules within the account1@domain.dom to segregate emails into folders so nothing is left in its Inbox. Here is a sample set of rules I set-up, firstly a server rule (only server rules can deal with BCCs):

(Make sure this rule has a higher priority than the previous "Archive Email" server rule. This rule is also a server rule).

(Rule 2)

Add BCC Header SD1:

Any Recipient IS *@secondarydomain1.dom

Add Header X-To-Domain: secondarydomain1.dom

Then, in the account1@maindomain.dom rules, create the following rule (rule 3):


Header Field IS *secondarydomain1.dom*
Header Field IS NOT *X-Stored-In: SD1*

Add Header X-Stored-In: SD1
Store In SD1

Okay. A quick explanation.

1. The first rule mentioned (rule 1) mirrors a copy of any (incoming and outgoing) email the rule touches, to the account you set-up for archived emails: account1@maindomain.dom. I place it last so spam, viruses, etc can be dealt with first.
2. The second rule mentioned (rule 2) deals with recipients not shown in the headers due to BCC or EMSTP, etc. So it adds something to check for but can only be done in a server rule. So it needs to have a higher priority than the first rule.
3. The third rule (rule 3) is an account rule that deals with all of the mirrored emails. I set-up a folder for each secondary domain and store all emails related to that domain in a folder. The segregation allows easier searching when a user requests an old email. the hierarchy will look like this:


I then use ThunderBird in IMAP mode to deal with the archived emails when required.

In your case, you probably won't need the third rule as you are setting up Barracuda in POP3 mode.

I hope that helps give you some ideas.

On 21/03/2014 10:45 AM, Paul_Dudley wrote:

I am trying to set up a Barracuda mail archiver to archive all incoming and outgoing emails from our Communigate mail server.

I have done this once before back in 2010 when we had a demo unit on loan.

If I recall correctly I set up another domain and email account, set the Barracuda unit to have a pop connection to that account and download the emails, and then somehow set Communigate server to send a copy of every incoming and outgoing email to this new email account.


I cannot find the setting on the Communigate server to copy all incoming and outgoing emails. Am I correct in believing that this is the way to go, and if so where is the global setting to copy all emails to this account?



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