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hi urs,

HELO is not really a problem i guess.  i'm running a cluster with many domains on it
the essentioal thing to know for a mailserver is MX and A record - the helo can be "anything" valid.

for example my servers send a helo like

220 ESMTP CommuniGate Pro 6.0.8 is glad to see you!
220 ESMTP CommuniGate Pro 6.0.8 is glad to see you!

when servicing  the domain
  i configurted with mx pointing to ip.ip.ip.ip and also configured a record like pointing to ip.ip.ip.ip. is an alias for on the cgp server.
in my case PTR  points to something completely different - it is
as you can see this can not be an issue.

so as you know you can only put in one entry for a ptr record. if you would serve more domains, you have to have man different ptr-records pointing to one IP. that is not possible.

if you are going to use the @  - entry i suggested before you wont run into problems.

the default webpage stuff can be solved with the @ entry and the correct apache modification - like configuring a default site for unknown requests.
means for http:

you configure on the apache 2 entries ... as default site and 1 virtual host pointing to

if a user request now  the dnsserver sends the ip of the @ - entry back to the users - the ip of the default server. apache receives the requests and sends back the default site wich is defined via the @-entry.
if a user request, apache sends back via virtual host.

smtp works then also because a default entry wont be ever queried by a mailserver.


so give it a try and change your dns as suggested previously.
it would also be necessary to add the alias to your domain on cgp.



On Mon, 10 Mar 2014 20:16:04 +0100
  Urs Grützner <> wrote:
  Thanks for your answers.

  The wish of the webmaster was, that works like

  My wish as postmaster is, that we don't have DNS problems….

  so everything not found will be addressed to the webserver - i guess that is what you want.

  Not really. The problem seems to be, that some recipient SMTP do not have a successful result for the reverse DNS lookup. They seem to search for and find the IN A result which is the IP of the web server. In fact is first a SOA entry. Through the MX record a cascading query should land successfully on the correct IP of the mail server, but this seems not to work always.

  If they would query directly for they would come to the IP of the mail server, but Massimo's tip unfortunately does not work. Our CGP Version does has the field to answer the HELO with a "mail" prefix.

  Must we go back and let to point to the mail server?  However the web user must then write, but this seems to be a less critical drawback.

  Thanks for further advise


  From:    "Juergen P. [core]" <>
  Subject:    Re: Mailserver setup domain name
  Date:    Mon, 10 Mar 2014 15:22:40 +0100
  To:    "CommuniGate Pro Discussions" <>, "Massimo Bolzoni" <>
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  hello, points to a different ip  than your mailserver.
  i would replace IN A;   identical to

  @ IN A

  this is a pointer to a default address - like the domain name -  "@" represents zone origin
  so everything not found will be addressed to the webserver - i guess that is what you want.


  On Mon, 10 Mar 2014 15:01:38 +0100
   Massimo Bolzoni <> wrote:

   Il giorno 10/mar/2014, alle ore 14.51, Urs Grützner ha scritto:

   CommuniGate Pro SMTP 5.1.16

   Our domain is

   In the DNS we have the following entries IN SOA IN MX IN A = Webserver IN A;   identical to IN A (Mailserver) 
   While sending mails have sometimes the problem with DNS failure. The cause is most probably the fact, that our server answers with 220 and not with 220
   Yes that may be....

   Other reason can be the DNS queried by the CGP that has bad info on it, or the recipient domains are not correctly configured or they use a non professional DNS system.

   I am not sure where exactly this answer is to be set. I guess the Main Domain Name "" itself  should not to be changed, or am I wrong?

   You are right the MDN can not be changed, but you can pre-append a string to the MDN for sending email in the latest version of CGP (not sure in 5.1.x):



   Thanks for advise


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