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If you install the certificate into the browser/OS, it will be transparent for the users. There are many ssl providers who offer free certificates.. for example....


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Why not use a self-signed certificate and https ?

It would seem easier to me  and be compatible everywhere. The drawback is the users would need to “accept”  the session.


For ntlm you can try and leave only ntlm active under the domain login methods, but I do not know if that will work….







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I'm running Communigate Pro 5.3.15 and have received a request to disable basic authentication for the webmail and webadmin HTTP interfaces -- basically, I want to disable passing logon names and passwords in cleartext using a web browser.


I don't have an SSL certificate for webmail, so what I would like to do is somehow force Communigate to always raise the Windows Authentication (NTLM) box.  But I can't seem to find a setting to disable basic authentication for HTTPA / HTTPU. 


I know Communigate can do this -- when I click the "auto-login" button, I get the NTLM prompt and can enter credentials and login that way.  What I need to do is always force this mode.


Under Settings -> Services -> HTTPA, there are some "Advertise" options:


X Advertise 'Basic' Authentication

  Advertise 'NTLM' Authentication

  Advertise 'Digest' Authentication

  Advertise 'Negotiate' Authentication


But my understanding is that selecting these doesn't affect the services that are actually available.


I tried to use the SSL/TLS listner port, and that doesn't work at all -- the browser just hangs.


So, I would like to disable basic authentication for the web user and web admin interfaces so the browser pops up the NTLM box. Can someone direct me to the setting?


--- Uwe


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