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From: Tom Rymes <>
Subject: SIP/XMPP IM Clients
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 11:57:28 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
We have enjoyed using CGP's IM functionality nearly since it was introduced many years ago. Since then we have bounced between a few different clients, each with vary small issues that still keep me wishing for more.

I figured I would post up my experiences here, in the hope it might help others, and perhaps others might point me towards a client that fulfills all of my needs.

In particular, these two features make using IM in a corporate environment much easier:
1.) Allow the import of a list of contacts. This makes setting up a new user's roster MUCH easier. Rather than asking 50 people to add the new guy/girl, s/he can import the most recent contact list and we're up and running.
2.) Auto-authorize contacts. We are in an internal-only business environment, so asking users to approve contacts is annoying, and results in problems when someone hits "Deny".
3.) XMPP/SIP only - I prefer to have a client that does not offer Yahoo/AIM/etc functionality to avoid making it more convenient to IM outside of the building. It still happens, but...

Clients we have actively used:

1.) Windows Messenger - SIP client. Only on Windows XP and earlier. This client worked well, especially as is allowed us to import a contact list, but it is now obsolete as XP and earlier are EOL. Also, while the import contacts feature was great, the client had a collosal problem with messing up peoples' rosters (people showed up as offline when really online). This pushed us to:

2.) Spark from Ignite Realtime ( - Java based XMPP client designed to work with their own Openfire server. This client worked very well, but the reliance on Java was a pain and a security risk, plus development seems to have slowed waaay down. We also ran into some issues with rosters still. Specifically, if the user had a profile with a full name, you would end up with duplicate entries unless you verified that both the add and confirm dialogs had the same nickname, plus some users would not authorize users to be added to their roster, which caused visibility problems. For these reasons, we moved to:

3.) Psi ( - QT based XMPP client. This has been the best so far, with no Java requirement, plus the ability to set the client to auto-authorize contacts. However, there are a few default settings that make no sense to my mind, and need to be changed. Also, there seems to be a weird bug related to XMPP resource handling (and no response on the mailing list) where portions of the chat history get lost (on the client) if you send an IM, receive a response, close the window, then receive another response.

Clients that I have tried but not rolled out, or never tried:

1.) Jitsi ( - SIP/XMPP IM Client. I cannot say why I did not want to use this client, but I had it installed for a while and decided not to go with it. Does anyone have a more recent/positive experience?

5.) Blink ( - SIP Client. Never tried it, but looks interesting.

6.) Bria (In Apple App Store) - iPhone SIP Client. Worked fine, and makes me assume that EyeBeam would work fine on Windows, etc, but burned the battery quite rapidly.

7.) Pandion ( - I tried this a while back but never jumped. CGP has a video on configuring this on

8.) Trillian ( - CGP also has a video on configuring this client at the link above)

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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