Mailing List Message #104067
From: Technical Support <>
Subject: Re: wrong issuer for client TLS certificate - Case[IAJG0403-49063]
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2013 09:38:19 +0400
To: Lightology Postmaster <>

On 2013-04-03 00:25, Lightology Postmaster wrote:
Hello I upgraded cgp to 6.4 and now emails from gmail are rejected. in smtp log I see “wrong issuer for client TLS certificate”

I tried starting the cgp with"--TLSServerHelloExtensions" "NO" but still emails are blocked, bellow is the log

out: is pleased to meet you\r\n250-DSN\r\n250-SIZE\r\n250-STARTTLS\r\n250-AUTH LOGIN PLAIN CRAM-MD5 DIGEST-MD5 GSSAPI MSN NTLM\r\n250-ETRN\r\n250-TURN\r\n250-ATRN\r\n250-NO-SOLICITING\r\n250-8BITMIME\r\n250-HELP\r\n250-PIPELINING\r\n250 EHLO\r\n
15:23:14.599 5 SMTPI-000008( inp: STARTTLS
15:23:14.599 5 SMTPI-000008( out: 220 please start a TLS connection\r\n
15:23:14.697 3 SMTPI-000008( failed to accept a secure connection for ''. Error Code=wrong issuer for client TLS certificate
15:23:14.898 4 SMTPI-000008( closing connection
15:23:14.898 4 SMTPI-000008( releasing stream

In the domain settings for, under Security -> Request Client Certificates please make sure that an empty certificate is chosen, or at least Request is set to NO.

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov

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