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Subject: FW: iphone, activesync & calendars
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 11:59:34 +1100
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On 21/11/2012 15:36, Paul_Dudley wrote:


On 20/11/2012 15:20, Paul_Dudley wrote:

We have Communigate Pro v5.4.5 running on RH linux. When setting up email accounts on iPhones (3G or 4G running iOS4 or iOS6) using the Exchange option for ActiveSync, we find that email and contacts synchronise however calendar entries do not. Looking at the settings of the accounts via admin, the calendar is set to the default calendar folder.  


Will calendars synchronise in the same way as email & contacts via ActiveSync or does the calendar have to be synchronised via iTunes?

> The Calendar should synchronise just as easily as Contacts and email. How are you setting the email accounts up on the iPhones? Are you using Exchange?

Yes we are and after further testing it seems that with most email accounts the calendar does synchronise however with a couple they don’t. And it appears that it is not the fault of the iPhone – when we set up my email account on their iPhone my calendar synchronises OK. However when we set up her email account on my iPhone her calendar will not synchronise (but mine does).


It sounds extreme, however have you tried either renaming the defult calendar (on her server account) and recreating a new Calendar and setting it to the default? Have you also tried deleting her file?

OK – further testing has revealed some more information. I created a new blank calendar in her account called Calendar2 and made that the default calendar. I created a calendar entry in Calendar2. I was then able to successfully synchronise the calendar called Calendar2 onto her iPhone via ActiveSync – so I know it is not a problem with her account nor her iPhone. I then moved all the calendar entries bar the latest one from Calendar to Calendar2, made Calendar the default calendar and tried to synchronise via ActiveSync from the iPhone to Calendar. It would not sync. I then remembered that her default calendar folder is shared to other staff. I then went back to my iPhone. My default calendar and my iPhone have been synchronising OK for the past few weeks via ActiveSync. I then shared my default calendar to another account – as soon as I did that my default calendar would no longer sync via ActiveSync. I removed the share from my default calendar however it still will not sync. I closed Outlook, removed my file, logged in to my account via webmail to recreate the file then tried to sync my default calendar to my iPhone via ActiveSync – still no go.


I restored back my file from early this morning to another location on the server so I could compare it to how it looks now. I can see that now in the file for the Calendar entry it has the extra parameters “NoSync=YES” and “NoSyncSeq=#296502975”. These were not in my file this morning before I started testing. I closed Outlook, edited my current file and removed these two parameters, however as soon as I try to sync my calendar from my iPhone they are put back in. I can see that the file from the original account that we tried to fix also has these two parameters in their Calendar entry. Can anyone advise what the NoSync & NoSyncSeq parameters are, whether they are relevant to my problem, and how do I stop them from appearing in the file.




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