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On 21/11/2012 15:36, Paul_Dudley wrote:


On 20/11/2012 15:20, Paul_Dudley wrote:

We have Communigate Pro v5.4.5 running on RH linux. When setting up email accounts on iPhones (3G or 4G running iOS4 or iOS6) using the Exchange option for ActiveSync, we find that email and contacts synchronise however calendar entries do not. Looking at the settings of the accounts via admin, the calendar is set to the default calendar folder.  


Will calendars synchronise in the same way as email & contacts via ActiveSync or does the calendar have to be synchronised via iTunes?

> The Calendar should synchronise just as easily as Contacts and email. How are you setting the email accounts up on the iPhones? Are you using Exchange?

Yes we are and after further testing it seems that with most email accounts the calendar does synchronise however with a couple they don’t. And it appears that it is not the fault of the iPhone – when we set up my email account on their iPhone my calendar synchronises OK. However when we set up her email account on my iPhone her calendar will not synchronise (but mine does).


It sounds extreme, however have you tried either renaming the defult calendar (on her server account) and recreating a new Calendar and setting it to the default? Have you also tried deleting her file?


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As an additional approach to above…

I was told an idea by one of very skilled specialist to look at detailed server log and check airsync session of that user. Whether there are repeating attempts to sync the same object in the Calendar? The idea is that there is some object in the Calendar that causes problem to sync with iPhone.

You may want to create another Calendar folder and move some objects into that new calendar and try to sync again.


May be that helps also.





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