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Hi there Jurgen, I took the router entry from the CGP example (Explicit Routing via Remote Systems). It’s working for another domain I send to on that server and it works the other way round, i.e I can send from any domain on that server to my account using the same type of router entry, as I understood it, a router entry of [ = [] ; explicitly relay to the IP address] would tell the sending server to send to that address and ignore DNS.


You can also specify this routing using IP addresses: = [] ; explicitly relay to the IP address


So I don’t understand why this doesn’t work.


Using = (where is the main CGP domain). Wouldn’t work either as would fail as the sending CGP would try and send out of the firewall that it is trying to send into. Does this mean I have to use = [] ; explicitly relay to the IP address =





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please check the manual :-)





     E-Mails and Signals sent to the, client2, and

domains should be sent to the site

     You can implement this routing using the following records: = = =

     or, in a more flexible way: = = =

     relay =





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On Thu, 27 Sep 2012 15:14:30 +0100

  "David Brookfield" <> wrote:

  Hi there guys, I have two CGP box's on the same Subnet

and I'm trying to send mail to a specific domain from my

other CGP box, I can send to another domain but not this.

The router entry is: = [] ; explicitly relay to the IP



  I also have a router entry = [] ; explicitly relay to the IP





  I get this error message when sending to




Failed to deliver to '<>'


  SMTP module(domain []) reports:


  host [] says:


  550 test unknown user account




  The account does exist and I can send from

that account to another account on the other CGP box. Now

I've checked the firewall rule and the firewall for this

domain forwards to and when our other CGP box

was in another data centre we could send quite happily.




  The CGP server that I'm sending to is 5.0.13 and I'm a

bit stumped.




  The only thing I can think of is that in the domain

settings for this domain the Assigned IP Addresses is set

to Manually Assigned and I've tried it with it being empty

as well as adding which is the one IP not

already assigned (Of course changing the router entry on

the other machine), there are 4 IPs assigned to this

server and I've tried editing the router entry to all of

the IP addresses bound to the server, but get the same





  Any help always welcome.

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