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From: Brian Gibson <>
Subject: Re: CGP whats maxing out my processor
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2012 12:17:45 -0400
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We had an issue a while back with an older version of the ESET antivirus product thinking that a search database that the thunderbird email client was a virus. Thunderbird would continually try and index the email messages which would beat the crap out of the CGPro server (we saw load averages in the 30's and 40's !!!). Not sure if you have both of those products in your environment but it is worth checking out. I think it started happening when Tbird upgraded to 3.1 with any version of ESET earlier than 4.2.71 (something around there). You have to upgrade ESET and shut off the "Global Search and Indexer" option within Thunderbird

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On 9/5/2012 11:47 AM, Robin Lewis wrote:
I don't think its a version issue in my case, in using version 5.4.4
I think the server is busy doing something - just want to know what that something is.


On 3 Sep 2012, at 22:11, Dimitris Gialoglidis wrote:

Hi. What version you use? I had the same problem when cgp went to 5.4.7. I downgrade to 5.4.6 and the cpu is idle. I didn't had the time for troubleshoot but when i do upgrade again to 5.4.7 and find something i'll post it. Is anyone else have the same problem with 5.4.7?

I am on different platform-> Linux x64. 

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On 3 Σεπ 2012, at 22:47, "Robin Lewis" <> wrote:

CGP whats maxing out my processor

Currently CGP is running at 181% CPU usage (dual processor Mac PowerPC)
Im interested what CGP is doing with all this resource, is there a way in the web UI to see what processes/ threads within CGP are taking resources.
I suspect the culprit is me- copying 10,000 address book items to a users account.
Im using Apple Address book connected with CardDav to CGP, its been running for about 4 hours and its about 25% done.

Anyone else had any experience with large amount of contact in CGP account and managing with Apple address book, seems like a great solution to getting contacts off users computer and "syncing" home/ office address books. Hopefully on a day to day basis its not as slow as initial upload/dump. Groups created using apple Address Book appear oddly in pronto but seem to work fine in Address Book.

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