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From: Martin Miller <>
Subject: Re: DKIM
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2012 09:23:59 +1200
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
I am not running anywhere near your volume, but have found the Niversoft tool works very well (Intel MacOS X).
I have yet to see it crap out.
The general challenge I have seen with Domain Keys and SPF is that receiving servers of spoofed emails have bounced those emails to ME.
So, I never sent the email from my server, domain keys and SPF said so, but you bounced it to my domain anyway... go figure.

Now Domain Keys and SPF will only help you in that theywill highlight spoofed junk as not coming from your server, and it will underscore the origin of junk ( :-) ) that DOES come from your server.
So if your mailers are sending junk and/or have junky lists these mechanisms will not help you any.

So the questions are: are your domains being spoofed? If so these mechanisms will help with the big players supporting these mechanism.
And, are your lists and content junk - These mechanisms will NOT help.

On 22 June 2012 23:31, David Brookfield <> wrote:
Hello there all, I'm thinking of getting DKIM up and running on our server, I know that Nicholas from Niversoft has a helper and I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience of getting it running, does this add much to server load etc and any pitfalls.

More info

We have about 500,000 emails outbound on a weekly basis (Sometimes goes to 750,000) the server is at about 2.5% CPU most of the time occasionally as high as 10%. Amazing really...
99% of the mail is Marketing type stuff for Sports leagues and I'm wondering how I can improve the success rate (I do know most failures are just their inability to maintain their own email lists) and we're thinking of charging for this part of the service. We've automated removal of any emails that have bounced with a permanent error status (5.x.x) which will clean up their database and will certainly help things.

Now I'm working on the assumption that getting DKIM running correctly will help with email sender reputation and reduce some of the bounces we get and therefore the amount of shouting there will be when an email is bounced which it will.

All thoughts welcome.
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