Mailing List Message #103216
From: Tom Rymes <>
Subject: Re: Message text rejected
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 11:55:54 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
On 04/26/2012 10:46 AM, Tom Rymes wrote:
I looked at the log for one of these messages, and it looks like this:

10:04:25.871 4 SMTP-000570(some.server.dom) rsp: 354 Start mail input, end with '<CR><LF>.<CR><LF>'
10:04:26.043 4 SMTP-000570(some.server.dom) rsp: 554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued.
10:04:26.043 1 SMTP-000570(some.server.dom) [6662431] message body rejected, got:554 Transaction Failed Spam Message not queued.
10:04:26.043 4 SMTP(some.server.dom) [6662431] batch failed

It appears that the message body text is causing the bounce, but it just
seems too coincidental that we had a spam/blacklist problem two days ago
and this issue only now crops up. Combine that with the fact that the
message bodies were quite benign (no foul language, no obvious red
flags), and this looks like an RBL or similar bounce being mis-reported.

Answering my own question: It looks like I was right. McAfee TrustedSource reputation monitoring seems to be the culprit. They apparently combine the domain reputation with the message text and then score the message.

My guess is that our reputation is so bad after our "episode" that any message text gets rejected, resulting in the misleading and unhelpful bounce message.

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