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Subject: Re: No invitations on iOS/activesync devices
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 13:35:55 +0100
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don not want to put myself in this flame just before Xmas but ...... i need to :)

I think you can set up a specific timezone for every user, and this would make what you like to do, having different time zones supported on the same server for any user.

Now coming with frequent travelers.

If you travel, as I do, quite frequently but for small amount of time (lets say 1 week in US, the next back home than again in Russia), there is no meaning in changing the time zone in my prefernces.

In Pronto I will see the italian time zone that actually make sense and if I need to schedule a meeting I will do based on that (thnk I am going to schedule a meeting for next month while I am in Russia but the meeting will be in italy)

In iCal for instance I will see all my previously made appointments, in the future translated with my new OS time zone, I expect this is also happening with OL.

In case I will stay away for 3 months, well for this I think it will make sense to change my preferences, that means my Pronto calendar will show appointments I made in the new timing of the new timezone.

Coming to the case I would have a PA, if someone else is booking my time, the best is that the same person will change my calendar preferences accordingly, so in case I am in NY he/she will set my new preferences to east cost....

I do not see really as a problem to set this up by hands once when you change timezone and it make sense (you will book time in that time zone for that period of time).


Il giorno 22/dic/2011, alle ore 18.52, Communigate Forum ha scritto:


its so much a question of what im want versus what the punters want..

multi time zone calendaring which works and is fully tested sand working...

md leaves uk and excepts is pa using outlook to follow his moves across america/asia in the same calendar across multiple time zones with everything making sense so can follow his diary...

does pronto offer this?

does outlook using the mapi connector offer this?

all basic stuff that we are unable to do..

i'll still use cgp at home as its as always rock solid, but for work purposes.......

the trouble seems to be that stalker dipped its toe in corporate use but has never delivered the full package as they got sidelined with sip and other stuff so we ended up with a half cocked mess from a purely corporate user point of view..



On 22/12/2011 14:51, Mark J Strawcutter wrote:

calendaring is simply to important and it seems is going backwards, in
comparison with a well known product from the seattle area its infantile
in the way it functions and because of this i have no real argument to
stick with cgp which is a real shame.

Anyone who has every used Corporate Time aka Steltor cs&t aka Oracle calendar realizes that the real problem is the Microsoft-chosen paradigm of using specially-crafted (proprietary) email messages for event invitations, acceptance, etc.  Talk about infantile.

the addition of a owa would have made a serious difference but these
requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears..

OWA has always seemed pretty crude.  Maybe I don't understand exactly what it is that you want?


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