Mailing List Message #102411
From: Wayde Nie <>
Subject: Internal/External CGP configuration for voice.
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2011 15:16:10 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Evolution 2.32.2

I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on the following setup?

I'm working on adding voice service from an Internet VoIP provider
(, works well with CGP, BTW...) to an existing CGP installation.
There are two CGP servers, both recently upgraded to v5.4.1;

   - an external CGP server with an Internet static IP and a local
static IP (community edition with no regular user accounts)

   - an internal CGP server with a local static IP (currently community
edition, but will need to be upgraded soon to allow for more users)

It looks something like this (please forgive ASCII "art"):

[local PC's]---------\
[Internal CGP]-----[InternalSW]--[External CGP]--[ExtSW]--[Internet]
[local IP phones]----/

This is currently working for email. External DNS MX's are set to
deliver to the External CGP which has router rules to forward the local
domain's mail into the Internal CGP, where it is delivered to the users.

There's also a NAT gateway, not shown, which allows outgoing mail to be
sent directly from the Internal CGP... (We could, maybe should, setup
the external CGP as a smart host for the internal CGP, but so far,
that's not how it's been configured...)

The owners like this model as the exposed CGP only handles the email
while it's being delivered. There is no corporate accounts or data on
the directly Internet connected machine. They'd like to follow the same
model for voice/im/voicemail, if possible...

For those of you still reading by now :)

Before delving into the deeper configs I've gone through, I thought I'd
ask if anyone's doing this already and if they had any quick pointers or
even doc references...

So far, we can get both the inside and outside CGP to register with the
RSIP provider and we can get incoming calls to reach the internal CGP. I
think we're getting hung up on getting the media streams to connect (we
see the call come in and the pbx app starts, but the call audio is never

Any insight would be appreciated,

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