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From: Robinson Maureira <>
Subject: RE: Change list owner
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 18:36:13 -0400
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Thanks Bret, that's a far more reasonable way to do it.


Shutdown the whole service to change a single mailing list owner is pretty dumb, for saying the least.


Best regards,


De: CommuniGate Pro Discussions [] En nombre de Bret Miller
Enviado el: jueves, 16 de junio de 2011 11:48
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It seems like I post this very same response every year or two...

This has been a long-standing issue with Communigate. I honestly don't know what's so hard about fixing it, but it must be very difficult considering the number of versions the developers have continued to ignore the pleas from customers to make a way to do this. My instructions are old, but they always worked for me. No guarantees on the effectiveness in the current version of Communigate.

1. Use mail administration at
2. In the new owner's account, create a new mailing list called
3. On the mail server's data domains/, copy
mailing-list-name.* mailing-list-name_new.*0
4. Edit mailing-list-name_new.settings
    - Find the owner = old-owner line and change old-owner to new-owner
    - Save and exit
5. Use webmail to log into the old owner's account
6. Select the folder for the mailing list
7. Select settings for that folder
8. Add the new owner with all rights and apply to subfolders
9. Log out.
10. Log in as the new owner
11. Settings > Folders > All subscribed folders
12. Add an alias for to old mailing list folder
13. Copy the contents of that folder and subfolders to the new mailing list
14. Go back and remove the alias
15. Check the list settings and subscribers to make sure they look correct
(click settings next to the list folder).
16. Log out.
17. Go back to mail administration
18. Rename the old list to mailing-list-name_old
19. Rename the new list to mailing-list-name
20. Delete the old list.

Bret Miller
Manager, Information Technology
Grace Communion International

On 6/16/2011 8:41 AM, Robinson Maureira wrote:


Is there a way to change the owner of a mailing list? According to the documentation, the only way to do this is the following procedure:


1. Stop CommuniGate Pro

2. Find the directories name-of-list.mbox (or .mdir) and name-of-list.folder inside of the users’ .macnt directory

3. Move these to the new list owners .macnt directory

4. Go to the LISTS directory inside of either the Accounts directory or the domain directory

5. Edit the name-of-list.settings file and change the Owner

6. Start CommuniGate Pro


If I'm running CGPro in a cluster environment that means I have to shutdown the whole cluster to do the change?



Thanks in advance, and best regards.


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