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From: Juergen P. <>
Subject: Re: Impressions on CGP 5.4c2
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 05:37:53 +0100
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>, Andrew Hotlab <>
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hello ,
thank you for telling us your personal impressions, it is really interesting (I#m sure not only for me)
i think it is a good moment telling the dev-team what "would be "a nice to have or must have".
i think all of us know that CGatePro is an excellent and unique product and that is because the dev-team is a really flexible group of people - always heading for being better and faster than teams from other companies out there.
it would be great that we, the admins, and tech-guys have the chance to consolidate all the necessary features the world would need
and maybe support the development with some kind of different sight from different people with different motivation. maybe that is also a good information source for business-developers.
in general it is always good to talk about something :-)
On Sat, 26 Feb 2011 01:30:10 +0100
Andrew Hotlab <> wrote:
I'd like to give a little but honest contribution by posting here what I feel still missing in the latest beta (and I'll sincerely appreciate anyone who will add any constructive comment).
I don't want to criticize: just give a qualified feedback to developers who have spent the latest months of their life working on this great piece of software.
. About Pronto!
The revolutionary, more than evolutionary, approach of the Pronto! user interface (the floating windows in the browser window which seem to live only as appendixes of the IM contact list) is going to seriously disrupt the user experience for these who were in the process to adopt Pronto! as their primary user interface.
everything depends on the way how a user understands the way of communication.
right now, the primary application for a user is mail, i agree but the future tells us , that communication will be contact based.
that means that you first select a contact and then you'll decide what's next. i see that like a better cell-phone. (right now there already exists an rudimentary implementation of this in the communicator :-))
on the phone we got used to select the contact first, also. furthermore the way everybody uses IT will change, too, some kind of unified and contact based. some social networks already trained the user for that, whats coming next.
Behind the spartan themes available for the new Pronto! there is an Adobe AIR application that is still unable to manage the "mailto:" links (unbelievable for a UC client), and which is still unable to let the user select the "From" field while sending an e-mail (unacceptable in a business scenario, and even more unbelievable because of the little effort it would need to add this feature).
pronto themes can be designed by yourself - right click on the logout-sign in the upper right of the communicator - there you can find the customization-prog - in the pronto4 directory. you can create different looks and fill the themes page with whatever you want : customization howtos will follow soon, i think.
i created already a new look for the communicator - it was pretty easy.
missing mailto: is a disadvantage.
i asked for that over a year ago but as far as i know (and hopefully understood correctly) was there a problem with the flash engine and submitting data to a flash application.
maybe that is possible now or soon or whatever - but i am sure support can give you an answer for that :-)
The lack of S/MIME support in Pronto! is hardly acceptable, unbelievable if you think that even the "old" webmail interfaces make users able to check and send encrypted and signed e-mails. To sign/encrypt a message is not an option anymore for a lot of businesses, since it's a universally recognized method to bring integrity and confidentiality to the most used communication service in the Internet today.
i agree to that, too, but i always wonder who of those million people out there is using that. i am from europe and we don't have that much trouble with hackers and cyber-attacks so far. this is an business-user feature or something for payment - and im sure many companies force their useres to sign and encrypt their mails but most of them all don't even know what encryption is :-)
facebook for example started offering secure access - i made a small survey about https: most of my contacts (800) didn'T even know what https means - after a short explanation they said something like: "nice" or "aha, intersting" or "i thought every communcation on the internet is encrypted" or "i didn'T know that somebody can read that fast" .. sorry - that was really fun
but what i wanted to say: i'm sure encryption is implemented immediately if it is possible
The ability to upload a file in the account.web area, to generate a sharing URL and send it via chat in a single step is simply great. It solves simply and effectively all interoperability problem with other Jabber servers, but it is a priority to introduce this feature in the e-mail composing window, to create with a single click "linked attachments", making a leap forward to better performances, storage efficiency and content security.
yes, agree
. About server features
At this point I ask myself if I have been misunderstood something so important, so far: full working (read "even for Pronto! web interface over HTTPS") authentication integration with a corporate directory service will be still unavailable in the 5.4 release? Really?
can you please describe me what you mean exactly?
It seems that site to site XMPP encryption is still missing. That's simply unacceptable in any professional or sensitive business scenario
A lot of users are still waiting for an "always-available" chat history. Today a lot of critical informations are sent via IM (thus it's essential to protect the s2s dialogs, as I reminded before), and a chat transcript of iChat, Adium or Pidgin will hardly ever be saved by the client on the server, to be made available from another computer. But CGP is still able to save Pronto! IM conversations in the "History" mailbox. It's really so hard to have the server saving all chat transcripts (made by any client) to the same folder?
i think this can be done by creating a server rule, external helper script or application.
These are simply the first bad impressions I had by trying the latest beta. I sincerely hope that most of them will be eliminated with the definitive release, but I'm afraid that for some of them there will be no chance.
Please note that I recognize and appreciate some good leaps forward in this new release (CardDAV support, WebDAV improvements, better temporary blacklist functionality and AIRSYNC improvements - I didn't test the last, but I trust you because of the evolution this component has had so far), but I sincerely regret for the slowness of the evolution CommuniGate shows in the areas where it lacks more in comparison with other UC products, which have a poor architecture but are able to deliver a stronger user experience.
As usual, I hope this could be useful for someone working at Stalker.
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